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Paul Williams & Sergio Martinez

Williams, Martinez
show why they're avoided

By Rizwaan Zahid
of The Boxing Amusement Park

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez showed exactly why no one wants to fight them. After Saturday’s brutal bout -- a late candidate for Fight of the Year -- I've become convinced these are the only fighters out there that can beat each other. And after a fight like this, they'll be avoided even more.
Williams dealt with major adversity. Not only did Martinez bring underrated power, but he provided angles and precision against his lankier opponent. Williams, though, was able to step up when needed and use his jabs in the middle of the fight. People are classifying this as a dent in Williams’ progress, but to me it is more about a stock rise for Martinez.
Sergio had never been able to secure big fights or high-profile bouts until his impressive showing against Alex Bunema on HBO. He followed that with a good fight against Kermit Cintron, a fight in which he pretty much knocked Cintron out and should’ve won on the cards. This fight against Williams showed that Martinez can fight the most-avoided fighter and not only stay with him for 12 rounds, but come that close to winning.
In my book, both fighters can beat Kelly Pavlik. Pavlik does not have the speed, the output, or the precision of either guy, and fought just once in the past year. If there is a fight that shows how useless and unworthy titles are, it’s this one. Pavlik is the middleweight champion, but it's hard to consider him the No. 1 righer in a division that now includes Martinez and Williams -- especially since his only defenses have been against Gary Lockett and Marco Antonio Rubio.
Realistically, what would fans prefer now: a Williams-Pavlik fight, or for Williams to have a rematch with Martinez? To me, the answer is quite obvious. I actually hope that Williams does fight Pavlik, and the winner fights Martinez to give the titles some form of meaning.
On a side note, Pierre Benoist should never be allowed to judge a fight again. His scorecard of 119-110 favoring Williams was a black eye in what was an outstanding fight and a true testament to avoided, great, entertaining fighters.

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