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Super Six Will Still Have Controversies
By Rizwaan Zahid
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Anytime there is a close decision in boxing, there are always going to be fans and media making a case for both sides. This past Saturday’s fight between Andre Dirrell and Carl Froch is yet another example of an argumentative fight.
Forget about the fact that the fight between Andre Dirrell and Carl Froch may have been sloppy at times and forget the fact that Dirrel did hold quite a bit and the fact that Froch was content on rabbit punching, I am personally wondering how many people actually thought that Carl Froch won this fight. It was a fight that had the good, the bad and definitely the ugly from both fighters.
The final scores read 114-113 for Andre Dirrell and two cards which read 115-112 for the hometown fighter Carl Forch. From what I saw, Froch was consistently being beat to the punch was hurt at one point and was frustrated to the extent that he would deliberately hit on the break and behind the head.
Already we see what could be a major problem in the Super Six. It’s the same issue that has been plaguing boxing for years. Controversial verdicts. Froch earns two points for this fight, while Dirrell goes home with zero.
Froch complained that he was the only one willing to fight, but simply put this sport is called ‘boxing’. Dirrell may not have boxed in the prettiest way by falling to the floor on more then a few occasions and complaining to the referee on numerous others, but he was more active then Froch, not only with his feet but with his punches. He threw more and not only landed more, but from what I saw, Dirrell landed the much cleaner more effective punches. Froch came on a bit during the middle rounds but the majority of rounds had Froch confused as to what to do.
When we examine the universal criteria of judging, clean, effective punching and ring generalship are key. Froch landed very few of his traditional power shots to begin with compared to Dirrell. Dirrell landed many hooks and straight left hands and he hurt Froch as well, something Carl denies.
"I don't feel like I got hit or hurt at any stage. I felt comfortable all the way. Through the whole fight, I didn't feel hurt or jaded or fazed, it was just comfortable."
Besides Froch and his camp, who really agrees with this?
When it came to defense, Froch used his face, while Dirrell avoided and evaded Froch’s wild shots. Granted, Froch did land some shots, which is why Dirrell was bleeding. But there were many moments that Froch would throw numerous haymakers and the only thing that Carl hit was air.
Dirrell has to be credited for his clean punching and the fact that he made Froch miss his own punches.
Perhaps this comes down to the telecast that people were watching. The British telecast was noticeably different from that of Showtime. After examining the British telecast, at one point the commentator said “It now seems that Froch is beginning to dominate”. I personally never saw that once during the fight, but those who watched that telecast may disagree.
The British commentators were clearly favouring Froch and even though Showtime’s commentators were favouring Dirrell, they did show their agreement in Dirrell’s point deduction.
Froch said after the fight that he bet that most fans, not only in England, but around the world would agree with the verdict. Froch even argued with the fact that it was a split decision. Although this fight is done, both may have won and lost fans. Dirrell has proved that he can stay with the best of them, but his other tactics harmed his reputation. Froch on the other hand showed his willingness to fight again, but his comments of not being hurt and disputing a split decision just makes him seem like a sore winner who knows he was pretty lucky to get the nod from the judges. Add to the fact that he nearly lost to an 18 fight pro, does not help his chances in the Super Six, especially since his next fight is against Mikkel Kessler, a superior technician.
Those of you who thought Froch won, please e-mail me at I sincerely would like to read your responses and why you thought Carl won, or if you believe Dirrell won for that matter.
Both fighters have a lot to learn from this though. Froch must’ve learned that he simply can’t count on going for the knockout with one major shot. Dirrell learned that he must sit on his punches early, and above all that classic lesson. Don’t leave it up to the judges.

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