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Fernando Montiel rocks Luis Melendez

Fighter of the Year?
Four who deserve consideration
By Rizwaan Zahid

Fighter of the year so far? Let's examine the candidates:
Fernando Montiel
The bantamweight champ has been nothing short of brilliant so far, adding the WBC bantamweight title to his WBO title in his last fight Rafael Concepcion. So far the 31 year old has fought three times this year but only eight rounds, thanks to him knocking out each of Ciso Morales, Hozumi Hasegawa and the aforementioned Concepcion. He may be small but he brings a punch and he brings entertainment.
By far one of the most underrated entertaining fighters in the sport today.
Wladimir Klitschko
Unlikely candidate? Perhaps. But Wladimir is a fighter who’s taken on all comers. He may not be as entertaining as any of the other nominees, but he has fought and beaten the best. Sasha Povetkin and David Haye find excuses for not making a fight with Wlad, and Wlad has fulfilled two mandatories already this year and plans to make a voluntary defense later this year. Depending on who it is, and if Wlad wins (and how), he may be the first heavyweight able to capture the prestigious award since the 96-97 wins by Evander Holyfield.
Andre Dirrell
Should the fight between himself and Andre Ward happen this year and Dirrell wins and moves on to the Super Six Finals, Dirrell will have definitely earned the fighter of the year award. He outboxed Arthur Abraham and impressed many by knocking down the iron chinned Armenian. Dirrell is already in such a difficult tournament and defeating two fighters who were previously undefeated and looking invincible is definitely impressive.
Sergio Martinez
Should the fight between himself and Paul Williams come off, and Martinez comes away with the victory this time, he will definitely receive the majority of votes for fighter of the year. He’s already beaten the middleweight kingpin Kelly Pavlik and bloodied his face up in the process. Pavlik’s face looked like a kid who didn’t know how to use a shaving razor with cuts all over his face.
Paul Williams walked away with a victory against Martinez in their first encounter, and it was a great fight and very difficult to score. What makes a great fighter even greater is beating the best, all while being entertaining. And hey, the HBO money and spotlight doesn’t hurt either.
Should he beat Williams he will have two great wins within a year at the age of 35.

Fun fact
 Three fighters who won the fighter of the year award in the 2000’s were 35 and up (Bernard Hopkins-’01, James Toney-’03, Glen Johnson-’04). Seems like the new trend now. But we will wait and see if that will carry over into this decade.
A guarantee (or should be):
Neither Mayweather or Pacquiao deserve the fighter of the year award. Had they fought each other, whoever prevailed would’ve been a shoe in. Mayweather with all his legal troubles and vacation time won’t be fighting this year. Pacquiao will be fighting Margarito (at a catch weight for the 154 title. Yeah, you read it right), and even if he’s able to stop Margarito, he wasn’t all the impressive against another stablemate Joshua Clottey. True, Clottey didn’t bring much either, but the opponent definitely wasn’t a top opponent, and that is what truly makes a fighter of the year candidate.
2010 is slowly coming to a close. For those in the colder areas of the world, the leaves are changing colors and the temperature is dropping while the jackets and sweaters are coming out. For those in the warmer areas… well, I envy you.
But regardless, the next three months should be more entertaining then the last nine months has been for boxing fans. The fighter of the year award is anyone’s to nab, and with the many major fights falling through the winner this year will have truly deserved it.


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