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Travis Hartman was a spectacular amateur boxer -- 156-13, with three national championships -- who has struggled as a pro. The 26-year-old, who hails from the small town of Osborn, Missouri, is still an active fighter who maintains a passion for the sport that has consumed him since his childhood.  Hartman's training journal reflects his physical, psychological and emotional struggle as he continues his an ongoing quest to become the best.





Never be afraid to dream (or fantasize?)


Tuesday, March 16, 2009

To be the best, you have to beat the best.

I will be stepping into the ring with another undefeated professional boxer Saturday, inside the Playboy Mansion, against Prenice Brewer (10-0, 7 kos). Prenice is trained and managed by Jack Loew, Kelly Pavlik's trainer, out of Ohio.

Out of all of the boxing matches I have ever participated in, this has got to be the dream match for me. So you better believe no matter what I will be fighting my tail off and digging down deep to  bring home a victory. I don't want to be getting my butt kicked in front of the Playboy Playmates and Hef. How good will that look when we are partying at the Mansion after the fights?

    PLAYMATE: "Hi there! Wow, sexy shiner ... that kind of makes me hot."

ME: "Yeah, I'm one of those guys who fought out there tonight."

PLAYMATE: "Oh, really! Wow! Did you win?"

    ME: "Well ... no I was the loser who got beat up out there, and..."

... she sashays off and finds the guy who beat me.

PLAYMATE: "Wow, sexy shiner ... that kind of makes me hot."

PERNICE BREWER: "Yeah, I'm one of those guys who fought out there tonight."

I stand there, holding my Vienna sausage hors d'oeuvre, and watch them wander arm in arm toward The Grotto.

We don't need any of that.

Let's not get this twisted though. My love for boxing and my own pride in my sport will ultimately be what I am fighting for. But, lets all be honest: You know that little extra tidbit will help me fight just that much harder. Training has gone as well as it possibly could in the past week and a half. Aside from a couple very small set backs, I feel very good and will come into the match Saturday ready and willing to trade with Mr. Brewer.

In the end, I do feel very fortunate and blessed to even have an opportunity to showcase my talents in front of Hugh Hefner inside the Playboy Mansion. To think I get paid to do this...

 I never would have dreamed in my life that a small-town kid (Osborn, Missouri, population 400) would get to experience so many places in my life and get to box on TV on almost every major network television in the United States, and around the world. I give all thanks to God and all my friends and family for always supporting me, win or lose. I am humbled every time I see a friend or fan shouting there support for me. I have been blessed many times over and will never, ever take life or my friends and family for granted.

In my eyes, I have no fans, only friends. I would like to seriously thank all my friends and family for the continued support and encouragement. You have no idea how a simple text, or a simple e-mail telling me good luck inspires me that much more, and makes me want to go out and win, not only for myself but for everyone else.

Boxing is my life, but my life is not boxing. I do what I love and love what I do. Never be afraid to dream.




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